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Nightguard Instructions

Please remember to handle your nightguard with care.
To insert the nightguard, heat it in warm water. To remove the nightguard, release each side from your teeth individually.

Ensure to dry your appliance prior to storing it in the case to prevent bacterial growth.

We recommend cleaning your appliance daily before and after every use. Immediately after removal, use warm water and soap to remove remaining saliva and debris from the device. For periodic removal of debris and maintenance, you can use any mild over-the-counter cleaning agents designed for oral devices. You can use dish soap and toothbrush, just make sure to rinse it thoroughly after.

  • DO NOT SOAK your appliance for more than 1 hour.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents. Do not use bleach or any harsh agents.
  • Dispose of the cleaning solution after every use. Rinse the appliance well prior to use.
  • DO NOT SOAK in hot/boiling water due to risk of warping the device.

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